Sara Diane Caldwell


Most probably think of scribbling pens, messy notebooks, or someone taking a deep breath as they prepare to dive into a long-winded tale when considering the process of storytelling.

For me, it’s the click of a shutter.

My name is Sara Caldwell –notice, there’s no ‘h’- and I’m a staff photographer for The Augusta Chronicle. I’m a twenty-something doing her best to shoot and report as fast as possible.

I’ve been living in Augusta, Georgia for over a two years, hitting the streets every day armed with my cameras, searching for moments and connecting with people.

I graduated with a degree in Print Journalism along with an emphasis in Photojournalism from The University of Georgia. I caught the newspaper bug while I worked for my high school publication, and once in college, that bug led me to The Red and Black where I started as a news reporter. I found myself holding various positions as a writer, photographer, editor, and ultimately photo editor in the time I spent at the top of Baxter Street, and I know the lessons I learned from such a strong student-run, daily college newspaper have helped me problem solve and grow as a staff member in the professional world.

Interested in learning more about me? Embrace Twitter.  Follow @SaraDCaldwell, or wander over to my contact page from the menu above  and send me an email.

And that’s all there is to it.